Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ball In and Out of Play - Overview

Law 9 - The Ball In and Out of Play

-ball out of play: ball completely crosses the goal line or touch line (on the ground or in the air). Thus, if a ball is kicked from inside the field but it curves out of play (in the air) and then back into play (all while being in the air), it's still out of play (this is not basketball) - this happens a lot on corner kicks. (in fact, in one game I was the R, this happened, I gave a goal kick and the coach complained b/c there was a strong wind, "what's my player suppose to do!?"! No comment.)
-outside interference: other whistles on nearby fields or from spectators, the correct restart if player illegally handles the ball thinking play has stopped is a dropped ball (stop play as soon as they touch the ball, dropped ball where play was stopped), however, if the R feels the player knows better and is simply trying to gain an advantage, caution (unsporting behavior), b/c the misconduct occurred while the ball was still in play, the result will be deliberately handling the ball, direct free kick from the place of the offense (penalty kick if it occurred within their own penalty area).
-unsure of who touched the ball last (simultaneous touches) - quick decision to one of the teams (no dropped ball, no indecision)...a dropped ball does seem fair though (it's tempting)
-cornerflags are a part of play - rebounds off flag, still in play
-goal posts, crossbar, R, ARs: are all a part of the field of play (if the R/AR are on the field of play when the ball hits off of them, thus the ARs should never be too close to the touchline b/c theoretically the ball could hit off of them, while they are on the field of play, bounce to a forward and result in a goal...that wouldn't be good. This is why ARs should really just let the ball run past them when it's going to cross entirely over the touch line (if you do stop the ball to help the teams - make sure you are clearly behind the touch line, if there is space)...professionals, just let it run by you (ball boys everywhere).

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